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Project: 1956 Ford Truck

Frank's Hot Rods Upholstery

1956 Ford Truck Custom Interior
A custom 1956 Ford truck built and painted by a local customer in his home garage. The crowning jewel on this truck is the truly unique custom leather interior with LED lighting accents. The customer had an idea of what he wanted and trusted us to create a design. The result is a modern interpretation, which follows the classic lines and curves of the one-year body style.
The truck arrived with a couple seats bolted to the floor and that was about it. We were beginning this project with an absolute blank canvas (empty cab). We met with the customer several times to discus design directions and material ideas. A rich caramel brown leather, tan Mercedes square weave carpet, and tasteful billet and chrome accents where chosen.

We began the build with the door panels. Here we established the main design shapes and features, which flow through the entire interior. Initially, the customer did not envision a full console separating the cabin. However, once we mocked up a simple prototype he was able to “see” the result, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We were able to create a storage space within the console, which also serves as an armrest.

A signature of Frank's is the headliner that molds smoothly to the round contours. The headliner features a raised center insert that echoes the design elements found on the door panels and back waterfall of the center console. Buttery smooth leather wraps almost every surface of the interior. There are many custom panels, each hand-made and molded to hide the inner structure. The result is a show quality interior, which echoes a modern luxury vehicle.

Lastly, the feature that seems to garner the most attention is the hidden LED lighting, which makes the cabin glow like a modern car. Our customer states "The result is a perfect fusion of classic lines, quality materials, and outstanding craftsmanship."
1956 Ford Truck Before Image
1956 Ford Truck After Image


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